Infinite Jailbreaker
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author San Fu Studios
Artist San Fu Studios
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Infinite Jailbreaker

Infinite Jailbreaker, Wú Xiàn Pò Yù Zhě, 无限破狱者

Synopsis Infinite Jailbreaker

Ba Lang became a conscientious Hell manager because of the pursuit of the cause of his brother's death until one day the Lord of the Six Realms collapsed and the innocent girl, Lin Xiaolu, fell into Hell. In order to send Lin Xiaolu home and find the truth about his brother, Ba Lang resolutely conquered the former God and embarked on the path of search together with Lin Xiaolu.

Traveling through the Six Realms and encountering all kinds of strange events, Ba Lang go forward indefinitely, seek to the end of the world, and face the new gods …

Additional Content

This series was being done by a solo scanlator until we decided on doing a collab. We got permission to upload their previous chapters