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[ Light Novel ] Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 62 – Please enquire today!

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Title: Please enquire today!


‘There’s no way this is real.’


My eyes shook as they looked over the ledger. Bok Manchun looked at my expression with wary eyes and said,


“You’ll know as you’re reading it, but…”


As soon as he opened the ledger, I was surrounded in numbers. I understood what I could, and skipped over what I couldn’t. 


So, in the end, it was this. 


“… Even if we worked ourselves to death, there wouldn’t be a difference. We have no spending money.”




I slapped my hand on the table in disbelief. 


“Does this make sense? I didn’t just inherit one or two assets. You’re saying that all that money just disappeared?”


All the assets that I have received from Elder Heo. It hadn’t been mine at first, but with the sudden change in will, rightfully it was my own money that I had bled for. 


However now, Bok Manchun was telling me that my blood had been spilling and was now all gone. 


‘Has this person being taking a bit on the side…’


Bok Manchun, with his years of experience in reading the room as a vagabond, must’ve sensed my suspicions and suddenly jumped. 


“I swear on my life that I didn’t touch any of the money! It had all been invested. Didn’t the Young Master tell me before to invest and save all of the money!?”


“Although I did say that before, but you can agree that this doesn’t make any sense.”


“Young Master, please think about it for a moment.”


Bok Manchun rebutted me, feeling chagrined. 


“The biggest business that Elder Heo had run when he was still alive was the money lending business, which shut down, the thriving brothel was also shut down, and not only that, but all of his illegal businesses were shut down as well. So where on earth would we be getting money from?”




“The only thing we have left now are the hotel, the restaurant, the bar, the forge, and the merchants and escort businesses that you didn’t make official to save on taxes. Since none of these are our flagship businesses, we have to expand them. Do you agree with all this?”


“Well, I guess.


Since he wasn’t saying anything that was incorrect, I nodded along with my arms golden over my chest.


Bok Manchun took out a few documents and waved them in front of me. 


“Look at this. A store called the Sleeping Dragon restaurant was bought, and the forge in front of the Azure Dragon Academy closed down as well. That Elder Wi. He’s very skilled but he keeps buying incredibly expensive materials!”


“… He’s a bit like that, yeah.”


Thinking about Wiji Yeol, who had said that an expert craftsman needs only the best materials and tools, I let out a sigh. 


Noticing this, Bok Manchun said triumphantly. 


“You think that in a situation like that, we have any spending money? We’ve invested so much money, at this point, all we can do is wait for the profit to come.”


“No way…”


“Don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person to just spend money without the Young Master’s permission.”


I let out another sigh at this show of arrogance, and looked at him. 


“That aside, it looks like you’ve really spent everything here.”


“Young Master, I swear on my life and the lives of my children that I haven’t invested in anything of my own.”


Bok Manchun turned towards me with a sincere expression and said, 


“Young Master. I have confidence. I want to be able to confidently establish ourselves here, grow and develop the merchant business, and call upon trustworthy people to develop the escort business as well. Of course, I wouldn’t do any of this without your permission first.”


He must’ve been thirsty, as Bok Manchun grabbed the lukewarm tea in front of him and gulped it down before continuing. 


“The assets that the Young Master inherited. It is a great amount of money. If you had left it all to the administration and only collected the profit, then you could have lived comfortably your whole life. If that is what you want, then I’ll close down everything. Since it’s not too late for you to recover all of the original amount.”




I looked at Bok Manchun carefully. This person definitely had the makings of a businessman. 


Instead of looking at the current profit, he looked towards the future for even further profit and invested everything. 


‘He’s not the type of person to run off with the money either.’


After visiting the vagabond markets together, I felt like I could trust him and left my entire inheritance and businesses for him to manage.


‘Although I’m a little dumbfounded right now at the current situation…’


Bok Manchun’s eyes were that of a man who was filled with the ambition to succeed. 


After a moment of silence, I gathered my thoughts and asked him. 


“Bok Escort, how long will it take for the investments to start making profit?”


At my words, Bok Manchun smiled widely. 


“It’ll take about a year for our invested gold to recover! After that, we just have to sit on it and wait for the money to come in.”


A year. 


It was a bit annoying since I needed the money now, but thinking about the money that I would have after that time, it was enough for me to be patient. 


I nodded my head as I said,


“Alright. Then keep going as you are. I’ll continue to put my faith in you, Bok Escort.”


“Thank you. I won’t let you down!”


“Oh, and speaking of the merchant group and the escorts that we are preparing.”




“Let’s give them a new name whilst we’re here.”


“Is there something that you have in mind?”


I smiled brightly and nodded. 


“The merchants group will be called the White Dragon Merchants, and the escort business will be the White Dragon Escort Group.”


Since I’ve moved on from establishing the White Dragon Academy, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the name to the merchants and escorts. 


“White Dragon Merchants… It’s a name fitting of a group that will soon be the best in the entire region.”


Bok Manchun seemed to have like the name too, since he started to laugh heartily. 



“So, to summarize… All my money-making channels are blocked at the moment.”


“… Huh?”


“No way…”


As they stuffed themselves with the alcohol and meat that I had bought them, as soon as Ack Yeonho and Myung Ilho heard my words, they started to worry.


Kid, you’re already too late. 


“So I’m just asking.”




I slid my arms around the two’s shoulders so they couldn’t run away and smiled. 


“Do you guys have any money I can borrow?”


“Cough, cough! Are you a beggar or something?!”


“I was wondering why you were buying us drinks all of a sudden… Did you do that to butter us up?”


Ack Yeonho choked on the alcohol he was drinking and Myung Ilho suddenly put down the meat he was eating and looked at me with a dumbfounded expression. 


“I’m asking for a favor. I’ll pay you back once I get my monthly wages.”


“No, but do we look like we have money?”


“M-My circumstances haven’t been very good recently, either…”


The two brats sneakily tried to stand up and run, but I just squeezed their shoulders tightly, and looked at both of them with a sharp gaze. 


“Why are you both being like this? One of you is from the Sandong Ack Clan that the Five great clans themselves would be jealous of. And you, didn’t you say that the Myung Family has a thriving escort business?”


As I had spent time with them, I had learnt all about their family situations, businesses and the wealth that their clans had. 


Not soon after the two’s wallets had become much, much lighter, they started to cry.


“Sob. You’re not even a human being…”


“I didn’t have anything but that tiny amount that I earned as a trainee instructor…”


I patted the wallets that I had stolen and smiled brightly. 


“Hey now, don’t be like that. I’ll take care of the bill today so eat as much as you want. Should we order more alcohol and food?”


“What do you mean you’ll take care of the bill? You’re doing it with our money!”


“My father always told me that if I met the wrong person, that they would ruin my life… I should’ve listened to him back then…”


The two continued to lament their lives for a while, and afterwards, ordered more food and drinks. 


Since I had taken all the money they had, they decided to drink and eat until their faces went red. 


“… Don’t the two of you have to work tomorrow?”


I had tried to enquire somewhat gently, but by that time, the pair had already poured their next glass and completely ignored my question.


“Who cares~”


“Work? Let’s just drink!”


Human greed only leads to mistakes. These two brats were definitely going to suffer hangovers tomorrow, and when they turned up for work, they’d wish they were dead after being punished by their mentor instructors. 


And then they’d probably be back out the next evening to drink again. 


“Ahahaha! Let’s drink drink today and die tomorrow”


“Hyungnim! Let’s call out Young lady Jaegal as well!”


I just watched amusedly as the two got drunker and drunker. 


“Sigh… How did I end up being around idiots like these…?”


After finishing our meal, Jaegal Soyoung joined us. At first, she was as calm as ever but sooner rather than later, she joined the two drunkards as well. 


Finishing off countless bottles, her face became red and she suddenly began to insult her mentor instructor, Namgoong Su. 


“I’m telling you, he’s honestly a crazy bastard!”


… It appeared that all of them had a lot of complaints about their work. In any case, I knew that I could receive a lot of monetary help from Jaegal Soyoung. 


“And so because of this thing and the other…”


“You… don’t have any money…?”


After briefly hearing about my situation, Jaegal Soyoung began to cry (why?) and said, “It isn’t much, but take it…” and handed over her wallet to me. 


Of course, as someone with a good amount of shame and self respect, I wasn’t just going to rob a drunk person of everything that they had. 


I just took exactly half. 


“Young lady. Please take this back.”


“… Money? Wow! Are you giving me pocket money? Hehe. Thank you…”


She took back the wallet respectfully with both hands, and bowed her head to me with a red face. 


My sense of shame suddenly stabbed me in my heart and I coughed. 


“… Ahem. I know you won’t remember if I say it now, but I will absolutely pay you back, Young Lady.”


“Hehe! Thank you!”


“Wait! What about our money?”


“Let’s not talk about things that don’t matter.”


“Ahahaha! Drink more!”


With that, the bar became a place of chaos as the night went on, and my wallet became thicker and thicker. 


However, I couldn’t be that happy about it. 


‘This isn’t anywhere near enough.’


Although the money that I had borrowed (?) from the three was quite a lot, there was no way it was at the amount that I needed for the elixirs. Not only that, but I also needed even more to get Wiji Yeol his materials and tools. 


‘Spending money is easy, but earning money is hard.’


All the money that I had inherited from Elder Heo had been used to invest in establishing other businesses, and the monthly wages of a trainee instructor wasn’t a lot. 


The only things that I had right now was a massive estate and my body; the only two things that I didn’t have to pay money for. 




“What’s the matter?”


“I have so many holes that keep spilling out money but none that are pouring money back in.”


Myung Ilho, whose face was bright red from the alcohol, watched me sigh over money concerns and scratched his cheek absentmindedly. 


“Hyungnim, if you really need money that badly, how about you try becoming a private tutor? Although it would be hard to make the time to do, so…”


“Private tutoring?”


Looking at my puzzled face, having never heard of that phrase in my life, Myung Ilho could only stare at me stunned that I didn’t know what it was. 


“Like I said, you teach someone martial arts one-on-one and then receive compensation for it. And since you have the qualifications as an instructor for the Azure Dragon Academy, I bet there would be a lot of people interested in learning from you.”


“Oh? Now that I think about it, it’ll be the entrance exams for the Academy soon. Now would be the perfect time for those preparing to receive personal lessons.”


Ack Yeonho, who was half falling asleep with his chin propped up on his elbows, lifted his head and said this.




Why hadn’t anyone said this to me earlier?


I asked Myung Ilho to explain private tutoring to me in more detail. 


“Have you tutored before? What do you usually teach?”


Jaegal Soyoung was the one to reply. The drunk girl’s words were slightly slurred. 


“Usually you do lessons twiiiice a week for about an hourrrr. You can get paid after every lesssooon, or oncee a month. Though I wouldn’t really recommend the latterrrr…”


“Why wouldn’t you recommend it?”


Jaegal Soyong pouted her lower lip and replied. 


“For private tutoring, it’s usually students from wealthy families. So because of that the kids are a bit…”




“Yeeeah. I did it a few times when I was attending the Heavenly Martial Academy…”


I had a thought as I listened to Jaegal Soyong. It didn’t seem that hard to start private tutoring. The problem was whether or not I could make enough money just doing that…


I asked her honestly. 


“How much do you get for private lessons?”


“It differs. Here, since the difference in levels between the instructors is like the difference between heaven and earth so there isn’t really an average…”


“I’m not interested in the average.”


I was curious as to how much the best tutor could make. 


“What if it was Namgoong Su?”


At the sudden mention of Namgoong Su, Jaegal Soyong’s eyes grew wide. Although Namgoong Su was her senior instructor, he was also the only star instructor of the Azure Dragon Academy. 


So he would obviously also receive the most for private lessons. 


“If it’s Namgoong Su Orabeoni… Then he could make at least three hundred silver in a month?”


“… Three hundred silvers?”


My eyes grew wide. 


A hundred silver was enough for an average family to live comfortably for a year. 


Three hundred silvers was three times that amount. 


I could make that much just by giving two martial arts lessons a week for a month?


I bit my tongue as Namgoong Su’s smirking face came to mind. 


“He seems like he doesn’t have any earthly desires, but he’s actually greedy for money, huh”


In any case, this was good. 


I was worried about how to make money to buy the elixirs that I needed to achieve a higher peak of the Fate-Defying God Technique, as well as the materials and tools that were needed for the forge. 


A smile appeared on my face. 


“If I get that much for private tutoring, then I’ll be able to make enough money for all of that.”


“Hyungnim, Young lady Jaegal just said so, but a trainee instructor can’t make that much…”


“What are you talking about?”


I looked at the three people with a confused expression. 


“I definitely think I can make more money than Namgoong Su.”




“Do you think that’s even possible…”


“Who’s going to spend that much money on a trainee instructor?!”


The three people who were looking at me dumbfoundedly. 


I just took in their faces and smiled. 


“Money? I’ll just make it so they have no choice but to pay.”


The next morning, I took the two men with me and stuck up flyers all over town. 


<Azure Dragon Academy Entrance Exam Preparation Class Recruitment!>

<Unbelievable qualifications! You’ll pass immediately!>

<The Future Star instructor! Personally tailored classes with guidance from the Azure Dragon Academy Baek Suryong!>

<Please enquire today!>


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