[ Light Novel ] Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 61 – I had it, but I don’t

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Title: I had it, but I don’t


“Snoooore~ Sigh… Snore~ Sigh…”


Heonwon Kang was spread out on the bed, snoring loudly. With his puffy face and both nostrils bleeding, he was like an engine. 


‘Still, it doesn’t seem like he was hurt anywhere.’


One of Heonwon Kang’s abilities was his innately sturdy body. Whilst others would’ve taken several days to recover from the harsh training, he woke up everyday as good as new. 


One could say he had miraculous stamina. 


“Urgh… Peng Sahyuk… You bastard… Just wait a bit…”


“A bit? You’ve got a long way to go, you brat.”


After checking on the state of Heonwon Kang’s body, I went to the other room. 


In the room next door, Wiji Cheon was sleeping soundly, curled up into a ball. 




He was only fifteen, but his sleeping face looked like that of a ten year old boy. When I first met him, he was sick out of his mind, but the Wiji Cheon now was a boy who was much more innocent than those of his age. 


‘Of course, this brat was also quite innocent even when he was sick with qi deviation.’


Though, he did shoot and kill a bird, and then eat a rabbit alive in front of a tomb with that innocent face, too. 




Wiji Cheon mumbled, as he pulled the sword in his arms closer. 


I looked at him vacantly. 


Unlike Heonwon Kang, Wiji Cheon’s stature was small and his limbs were short. Though there was time for him to grow taller, his stature was probably going to stay the same. 


‘It’s not a bad physique to be wielding a sword, but it’s not great either.’


Wiji Cheon is a genius. 


But, this kid’s potential wasn’t in his body, but in his understanding. Even if it was fake, he still managed to learn the Everlasting Sword to a high degree all by himself. This meant he had a high level of understanding and focus. 


And more than anything, he loved the sword. 


– A swordsman must love the sword. 

– Isn’t that obvious?

– The majority of swordsmen see the sword merely as a tool to help with their martial arts, or as a means to murder. They merely use the sword, they do not love it. 

– But then, what do you mean by saying that you must love the sword?

– Are you trying to tell me to open my heart?

– A sword is a sword. 

– Excuse me, Swordmaster. It’s not that I am doubting your wisdom…

– A sword is just a sword, but in order to understand that sword, you must look deep into it every single day.

– Yeah, but…


I suddenly remembered the face of the Swordsmaster, who, after confusing me with a riddle, stroked his sword.


“Mom… Dad…”


As if he was having a nightmare, Wiji Cheon flinched and held his sword even tighter. Cold sweat started forming on his forehead. 


‘He’s still recovering from qi deviation.’


He might’ve appeared bright and cheerful in front of others, but it hadn’t even been a month since Wiji Cheon had been cured of qi deviation. As I slowly spread my internal arts and warmed his body, Wiji Cheon’s expression started to clear. 


“You’re okay. You’re okay.”


“Dad… Don’t go…”


“I won’t, dad’s not going anywhere.”


I placed one hand on his forehead and the other on his stomach and slowly stroked him, Wiji Cheon fell into a deep sleep. 


After checking that he was asleep, I stood up and left the room. 


There was a full silver moon in the sky tonight. I wandered through the estate, thinking about all sorts of things. 


‘The Crazy Demon and the Swordmaster. Heonwon Kang and Wiji Cheon.’


Although both of them had the potential to be called geniuses, it was for completely different reasons. 


Heonwon Kang has superior body control, good eyes which allows him to copy a technique after just seeing it once, and he was born with incredibly high stamina.


Because of that, the straightforward and destructive Asura Blood Heavenly way of the sword of the crazy demon is perfect for him. 


On the other hand, Wiji Cheon was able to understand and familiarize himself with an incredibly difficult martial art, so his understanding of the sword was very high. It might be difficult, but the Everlasting Sword is well suited to him.


‘But, right now, Wiji Cheon is stronger.’


Even though Wiji Cheon is stronger right now, once Heonwon Kang learns the Asura Blood Heavenly way of the sword, that gap will decrease. 


The half of the Heaven Splitting Sword that Heonwon Kang already knows will be a good foundation for learning the Asura Blood Heavenly way of the Sword, and knowing that guy’s tenacity and stamina, he’ll be able to develop at an incredible speed. 


In addition to having Wiji Cheon as a competitor, the synergy between the two would help him train even faster.


Of course, this is all applicable to Wiji Cheon as well.


“Thinking about how strong those two will be… I can’t even begin to imagine it.”


At some point, my lips had curled up into a smile. 


I was overjoyed even just imagining the two kids that I had raised, wreaking havoc in the Heavenly Martial Competition. Of course, in order for that to be a reality, I was going to train them half to death. 


That was the role of a teacher after all. 


‘Then I’ll have to get stronger, too.’


If I wanted to teach these two geniuses properly, I needed to be stronger than I was now. 


I kept thinking as I walked slowly. 


‘Since I’m training the 18 Techniques of the Green Forest, I don’t have an issue with my external arts. So the issue is raising the level of the Fate-Defying God Technique…’


The levels of the Fate-Defying God Technique are as follows: Low peak, intermediate peak, and highest peak.


Currently, I had achieved the third stage of the Fate-Defying God Technique and perfected the low peak, and was planning to achieve the intermediate peak. 


“… I’ll have to get more of the elixir.”


If I managed to achieve the fourth stage of the Fate-Defying God Technique and achieve the intermediate peak, there would be a lot more that I could do. 


However that meant that I needed that much more of the elixir. 


The Fate-Defying God Technique demanded that I needed elixir until I reached the intermediate peak.


‘It’s going to cost a fuckton of money. I’ll have to go meet Bok Manchun again.’


This was a time when I was thinking of all sorts of plans. 


I felt someone approach me from behind, and turned my back towards them. 


“Elder? You’re late.”


“Hoho. I wanted to surprise you from behind… But as expected, I was caught.”


Wiji Yeol scratched the back of his head with a sheepish expression on his face. The head of one of the eight clans of the ruined Blood Cult. However, now he was just a jolly old man. I felt a fervor in Wiji Yeol’s body that he still couldn’t calm down. 


“Are you coming from the forge?”


“Hoho. It feels like I live there these days. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a proper forge, so it’s been hard for me to control myself.”


After giving them disguises and identities to enter the city, Wiji Yeol started to work in the forge under one of my (under Heo Cheon’s name) businesses.


“Please take it easy, you’re not as young as you used to be.”


“I’ll try my best. How is Cheon?”


“He must’ve been tired, since he slept early. He was sparring the whole day with the brat I brought with me.”


“Ah, so today was the day that you said you’d bring a sunbae from the Azure Dragon Academy. I hope Cheon’s doing well without getting into fights…”


“Don’t worry. At first, Cheon followed him around, but now it’s the sunbae that’s being clingy.”


We both laughed for a moment, then started to discuss other business. 


Wiji Yeol’s face had brightened in the time that I hadn’t seen him.


“I’m very happy these days. It’s all thanks to you.”


After curing Wiji Cheon of the qi deviation, Wiji Yeol started to think of me as a savior. 


“It wasn’t enough to save my one and only grandson, but you gave us a new identity. Not only that but you made it so that I could fulfill my life’s dream… I won’t be able to return the debt of gratitude that you have given us even when I die.”


“Then you’ll just have to live a very long time, only after that do I think you’ll be able to repay your gratitude.”


Wiji Yeol let out a belly laugh at my half-joking half-serious comment and slapped me lightly on  the shoulder. 


“Hohoho! That’s true! Okay! I’ll just have to live a very long life for you, then!”


“P-Please do so.”






My shoulder was in pain from his friendly slaps. Why is this old man’s hand like a brick…?


If I didn’t change the subject quickly, I wouldn’t be able to move my shoulder, so I slyly stepped out of his reach and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. 


“By the way, has there been any progress on the creation of the weapon that could surpass the Demonic Blood Sword?”




At that moment, Wiji Yeol’s hand hesitated in the air. He looked at me with a troubled face. 


“Ah… Actually I came to find you to talk about that.”


I had handed Wiji Yeol some meteor iron and requested him to make me a sword that could surpass the demonic blood sword, and he had taken up that offer. 


‘But, why is his expression like that? Is there a problem?’


Wiji Yeol, who had been happy up until then, started talking whilst being wary of my stare.


“I’m sorry to say this, but… Ahem. I think I might need more money than I thought.”


It wasn’t as big of an issue as I had expected, so I let out a sigh of relief and replied. 


“How much do you need?”


“I wrote everything down so I could give it to you. There are a lot of materials and tools that I’ll need.”


Wiji Yeol took out a list of all the materials he needed and handed it to me. The list also contained the cost of everything that he would need. 


…It was worse than I thought.


“Y-You’re saying you need this much? Why is it so expensive?”


“… Firstly, it’s impossible to make a sword with just the meteor iron. There’s not enough of it, and normally you would also need regular iron and other metals mixed together to make the sword stronger. But, in order to work with the different irons, you’d need all sorts of tools as well…”


Wiji Yeol made a dumbfounded face at my words. 


“Did you really think that a master blacksmith could make a sword with his bare hands? If you want to make the best sword, then you would obviously need to have the best materials and best tools. In fact, the better the craftsman, the more expensive the tools would have to be!”




“Just trust me. If you get me these things, then I’ll be able to make you a sword that surpasses any other sword in existence…”




Instead of replying, I just let out a sigh. Wiji Yeol became disappointed.


“As expected, it’s too much…? Okay, then I’ll take a few things out from here… Just what is most necessary…”


“It’s fine. This is fine.”


Looking at his down expression, I nodded my head frantically. 


In order to make the best product, you need the best ingredients and environment, I agreed with that. 


“Everything written here. I’ll get it for you.”


“Th-Thank you! And I’m sorry…”


I just smiled and said,


“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I’m rich.”


That’s what I had thought. 


At that moment, I really thought I was rich. 



The next day, I wore the mask and went to visit Bok Manchun. 


“Young master, you’ve arrived.”


“Bok Escort, it’s been a while.”


In the time that I hadn’t seen him, Bok Manchun had put on weight. If in the past he had an ugly and intimidating face as one would assume a vagabond would have, now he was just an ugly middle aged man. 


As if sensing my gaze, Bok Manchun coughed suddenly and started to explain whilst covering his belly with his hand.


“I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had the time to exercise…”


Isn’t it a problem if a martial artist doesn’t have the time to exercise?


The thought flashed through my head for a second, but then I remembered that Bo Manchun wasn’t working as my escort, but as the person who was running my investments for me and making me money, so I just let it go. 


I gave him the list that Wiji Yeol had given me. 


“Please get these for me.”


After taking one look at the list and the amount written on it, Bok Manchun’s face suddenly went pale. 


“These are all quite expensive.”


“I would like to try and expand the forge. As you may know, the elder who’s working there currently is quite skilled.”


“Ah, yes… Would it be alright if it took some time to acquire these?”


“It would be better if it was done as fast as possible.”


Bok Manchun’s expression wasn’t great, but I didn’t worry too much about it and brought out the next issue. 


“Oh, and I’ll be needing more of the medicinal herbs. Quite a large quantity if you could…”


“Uh, Young master. I will be honest with you.”


Bok Manchun suddenly slid over the ledger to me. 


“Why are you giving me the ledger…?”


“We have no money.”


“… What does that mean?”


I had received the inheritance of Elder Heo, who has businesses ranging from loan-sharks to male escorts all in the palms of his hands.


But he was saying that I had no money?


“If we’re being exact, we had it, but now we don’t.”


Bok Manchun said, as he opened the ledger in front of me. 

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