[ Light Novel ] Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 60 – Two Geniuses

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Four days had passed since Peng Sahyuk left to go to the Heavenly Martial Academy.


<Come to the Heavenly Martial Competition, let’s fight there.>


“Damned bastard.”


Heonwon Kang glared at the letter that Peng Sahyuk had left for him. 


He stuck the letter on the wall and looked at it every day when he woke up, whenever he wanted to give up because his training was too hard, and when he was exhausted and about to go to bed. 


“So you won and then ran away to the Heavenly Martial Academy, is that it?”


If he could’ve pierced things with his eyes, the letter would’ve already been in tatters by now. 


“Fine. Let’s meet at the Heavenly Martial Competition. I’ll destroy you in front of everyone.”


Heonwon Kang grit his teeth and tore off the letter from the wall. 


That letter was the last of what little that he had packed.


Heonwon Kang had stayed in the dorms for three years without any personal belongings. 


Baek Suryong was waiting for him at the gate whilst talking with Mae Geukryong. [1]


As soon as Baek Suryong saw Heonwon Kang, he asked,


“Is that all you’ve packed?”




Heonwon Kang nodded his head, still using the formal language that he wasn’t acustomed  to.


After Baek Suryong agreed to teach him a new technique, Heonwong Kang decided to throw away his pride and focus everything on his training. Using formal language with Baek Suryong, who was going to be teaching him the technique, was a given, and he even cut his annoyingly long hair short on a whim. 


Scratching his short hair that he still wasn’t used to, Heonwon Kang spoke. 


“I have everything I need.”


“I’ve finished up everything on my side as well. Grandfather, may I take this brat with me?”


“Come here for a second.”


Mae Geukryeom, who was serving as both the Student Head and the resident head of the student dorms, called to Heonwon Kang. He judged him with sharp eyes, as he always did. 


“Is it true that you will only be devoting yourself to martial arts from now on?”


“Yes. From today onwards, I will be staying with Teacher Baek and devoting myself only to martial arts.”


Apart from some special circumstances, during school break, all students who remained at the academy had to stay in the dorms. Other than the weekly permitted trip outside, they were forbidden from going outside the academy grounds.


‘I don’t know how he managed to convince the strict Student Head, but…’


Baek Suryong had managed to let Heonwon Kang gather his belongings and leave the academy grounds in only four days. 


This was under the pretext that Heonwon Kang would be staying at his residence and learning martial arts.


“Your eyes have gotten much clearer.”


Mae Geukryeom nodded.


He had seen countless students in the many years that he had been at the Azure Dragon Academy. In that time, there have been worse students than Heonwon Kang, and even those that he couldn’t even fathom what their future would be after graduating. 


For example, the bastard who had stolen away his daughter…


“Baek Mooheun, that son of a bitch…”


“G-Grandfather? Please take deep breaths slowly, slowly!”


“Sigh… Don’t be so noisy.”


After calming himself down, Mae Geukryeom turned his attention to Heonwon Kang once more. There was no way to give up on a student who had eyes like that. 


Mae Geukryeom put his hand on Heonwon Kang’s shoulder. 


“Trust him. There isn’t much time left for your break, but learn a lot from Baek Suryong and return.”


“I’m sorry… For causing you trouble in the past. Going forward, I will show you that I’ve turned over a new leaf.”


Heonwon Kang bowed his head. Mae Geukryeom’s lips turned slightly upwards at this respect, knowing that it was definitely different to who Heonwon Kang had been in the past. 


Mae Geukryeom told him some final pieces of advice. 


“Stop drinking.”


“…I won’t ever let it touch my mouth again.”


“And stop chasing women.”


“I will.”


“I will give you one last warning, if I hear word from the outside that you’re at a brothel…”




Heonwon Kang’s entire body froze at the murderous intent that came from the Student Head.


Mae Geukryeom kept speaking in a foreboding tone. 


“I will cut both you and your teacher.”


“G-Grandfather? Why me as well?”


Baek Suryong looked at his Grandfather with a dumbfounded expression, but Mae Geukryeom’s face did not change. 


“That is because a student’s mistake is also the responsibility of the teacher. That is something you must always bear in mind.”






The two men, who’s faces had become white, nodded their heads. 


After their talk had finished, Baek Suryong and Heonwon Kang left the Azure Dragon Academy. 


“Once you start your training, it will be incredibly difficult.”


“I was already expecting that.”


Heonwon Kang answered Baek Suryong with a determined expression on his face. 


Three years. 


He had strayed from the path for too long. He didn’t know why he’d lived like that, but he could only mourn the time that he had wasted. From now on, he was only going to focus on one thing and keep moving forward.


The Heavenly Martial Competition. 


He was going to meet Peng Sahyuk there, and avenge his last defeat. 


And he was also going to tell him what he couldn’t say to him last time. 


Looking at Heonwon Kang’s body that had suddenly perked up, Baek Suryong smirked. 


“Put your shoulders down. Someone might think you’re going to intimidate someone for money.”




Their destination wasn’t far. 


As soon as they’d left the Azure Dragon Academy, they arrived in front of a manor. 


“We’re going to stay here and learn martial arts.”




Standing in front of the manor that was much bigger than he’d originally thought, Heonwon Kang looked at Baek Suryong with wide eyes. 


“Teacher, are you… Rich?”


Baek Suryong merely smiled and replied. 


“This isn’t my house, but my friends. His name is Heochan, and he runs a large business in the area.”


His face was proud as he talked about his friend, almost as if he was boasting about himself. Heonwon Kang thought that Baek Suryong must really be close with his Heochan guy. 


“He’s like a brother to me, so we can stay here comfortably. I already let him know in advance!”


The two then opened the front gate to the manor that was big enough to let a horse carriage in, and entered. 


The manor grounds were so big that it even had a training hall. However, there wasn’t anyone else in sight.


“This is a manor that he only bought recently, so there aren’t that many people here. I was actually going to establish the White Dragon Academy here if I failed…”




“Well, you don’t have to worry about that.”


Sensing another presence from inside, Baek Suryong shrugged his shoulders. 


“Oh, by the way. You won’t be the only one training martial arts here.”


“…Is there someone else here?”


“A secret weapon for us to win the Heavenly Martial Competition.”




“And someone who is going to become my junior.”


As soon as Baek Suryong smiled, a boy who looked to be around fourteen or fifteen years old, came out from inside the manor.


“Suryong hyungnim!”


“I told you to call me teacher.”


The boy shouted with a gleeful face as soon as he saw the two standing there. His build was a bit smaller than other boys of his age. A bright smile appeared on his innocent looking face. Excluding his pale face, he was definitely a kid from the countryside. [1]


“Cheon-ah. Have you been well?”




Baek Suryong ruffled the hair of the boy who came running up to him like a puppy greeting its master. 


“Why did you take so long to come! You don’t know how long Grandfather and I waited.”


“I was busy for a while, but now we can see each other every day. I’ll be working from here starting tomorrow.”




The boy’s smile widened, as if he truly was happy. Seeing that, Heonwon Kang, who had been known as the Academy’s failure, was slightly uncomfortable at the sight. As if sensing this, the boy turned to him and asked. 


“But who is that person next to you?”


It was then that Baek Suryong introduced the two to each other. 


“This is Heonwon Kang. He’ll be staying here from now on. He’s a third year student at the Azure Dragon Academy.”


“…I’m Heonwon Kang. I’ll be in your service starting from today.”


Unlike Heonwon Kang, who had just stiffly nodded his head, the boy greeted him with a bow at his waist. 


“I’m Wi Jicheon! I’ll be fifteen this year! Please talk to me comfortably, sunbaenim!” [3]




Heonwon Kang looked at Baek Suryong with suspicion. Baek Suryong instantly cleared up that suspicion. 


“I’m going to make this kid take the entrance exam this year. That’s why he’ll soon be your hoobae.” [4]


“Do you think the Academy will take in just any loser…? Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not that I’m looking down on you…”


Heonwon Kang looked at Wi Jicheon with an apologetic face, but Wi Jicheon smiled as if he hadn’t said anything.


“Hehe. It’s fine. I heard that that entrance exam for the Azure Dragon Academy was quite difficult, so I’m training really hard for it!”


“…Sure. I hope you’re working hard then.”


Heonwon Kang bowed his head, slightly confused. Baek Suryong looked at the two, who were as incompatible as oil and water. 


‘It’s like a cat and a dog meeting for the first time.’


If Heonwon Kang was like a grumpy cat, then Wi Jicheon had the personality of a dog that wagged its tail at everyone. 


In any case, looking at the two of them together made him feel reassured. 


“You two will be training together from now on. You’ll also be sparring quite a bit.”


“Please take care of me, sunbaenim!”


“…Yeah. Sure.”


Heonwon Kang replied begrudgingly. 


Honestly, he was a little bit bitter. He was a third year, and two years older than Wi Jicheon. He didn’t know why he had to train and spar with that pale faced kid. 


‘This is going to be a pain.’


But it wasn’t just that. He was going to be busy learning the new technique. He didn’t want Wi Heochan coming up to him, asking him to teach him this and that, and getting attached to him. 


‘I hope he isn’t too annoying… I’ll just have to kill that hope in the first spar.’


That thought only lasted until the first spar that the two had. 


“Why don’t you two spar, just to warm up your bodies? But you can’t use internal art.”


Thinking that his opportunity had come sooner than he’d thought, Heonwon Kang confidently picked up the wooden sword.





Heonwon Kang bent over as his stomach was hit with a wooden sword. 


Looking at Heonwon Kang, who was panting, Wi Jicheon went over to him with a worried expression. 


“Sunbaenim, are you alright?”


“I’m fine… Bleeergh!”


He’d already thrown up everything in his stomach before, so now only stomach bile came out. After wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Heonwon Kang looked back up and said,


“Let’s go one more time.”




Wi Jicheon looked at me with an expression like he wanted to stop.


“Shouldn’t we stop now?”


But before I could say anything, Heonwon Kang used the wooden sword to help himself up.


“Once more.”


His eyes were filled with malice. At first he had underestimated Wi Jicheon, but that feeling was no more. He lifted his wooden sword at Woo Jicheon, as if he was fighting a battle of life and death. 


“But we’ve already gone nine rounds, right? Sunbaenim, I think we should stop now…”


“Once more.”


Heonwon Kang, who wouldn’t back down, and Wi Jicheon who looked like he was going to cry. 


I decided to mediate between the two. 


“This will be the last round.”






The newly determined Heonwon Kang, and Wi Jicheon, who gave out a sigh, both picked up their wooden swords.


Their blades clashed once more. 


I looked on with a fan under my arm. 


‘As expected, Wi Jicheon is stronger.’


Even though he’d lost a majority of his internal arts after being cured from qi deviation, the fake Everlasting Sword that he’d learned himself hadn’t disappeared. Even with the condition of not using internal energy, Wi Jicheon was more skilled than Heonwon Kang who was two years older than him. 






In the end, Heonwon Kang was once again hit in his stomach and collapsed.


“Um, Sunbaenim…”


“…Don’t talk to me.”




Heonwon Kang, who had successfully become a punching bag, looked up at the stars in the sky and started to mumble. 


“I should’ve just put my head in the dishwater and died…”


He’s being really pitiful. How pitiful. 


I turned to Wi Jicheon and asked him quietly. 


“Cheon-ah, take that brat to wash up and take him to his room.”


“Oh, yes!”


Heonwon Kang got up with Wi Jicheon’s help, and they both hobbled off towards the rooms. 


Even then, the brat was being pouty. 


“Let go. I can do it myself…”


“I think you’ll fall over if I let you go…”


“I won’t say it again. Let go of me.”




“I said let go…”


“O-Okay, I’ll let you go.”


As soon as Wi Jicheon removed himself from supporting him, Heonwon Kang’s legs gave out and he crumpled to the ground. 


And as if that wasn’t insulting enough, his face planted into a rock on the ground. 




“I-I let go because you told me to, but… are you alright?”


After a moment, Heonwon Kang turned his head and smiled as if he’d never been better. 


“Ha. This much is nothing.”


Both of the brat’s nostrils were spewing blood. 




[1] Mae geukryong is the student head, and also baek suryong’s grandfather.


[2] In Korean culture, a pale face denotes the upper class as they didn’t need to go outside in the sun to do manual labor. 


[3] Sunbae means senior.


[4] Hoobae means junior

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